Abeni Afolayan

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Abeni is a woman of Summer Island and Volantene descent. She stands at about 5’7" and has full lips. She’s slender and bears this tattoo on her back. She’s a fiery young woman in her early twenties. While she’s an experienced fighter, she doesn’t go out and actively look for fights. She also carries the Summer Isles tradition of thinking prostitution is a trade to be respected. She can often be found spending time in brothels.


Abeni Afolayan was born of a union between an Islander prostitute and a Volantene merchant. While Abeni never knew her father, she was very close to her mother. Unlike most young women raised in whore houses, she had no desire to make prostitution her life’s work, no matter how respectable she found the profession to be. Instead, she learned to fight and spent her childhood playing rough with boys her age.

In her teenage years, illness struck her mother and soon after, her mother died. With nothing left to keep her on the Summer Isles and after she’d mourned her mother’s death, Abeni jumped on the first merchant ship to Volantis so that she could go in search of her father. What she found was an arrogant man that owned more slaves than she would like to count. Deciding Volantis wouldn’t suit her, she scoured the docks for work.

Finally Abeni found work on a pirate ship traveling to Qarth. Since then, she’s been bouncing from ship to ship, not really finding a captain or crew worthy of her loyalty. Her journey has ended, for now, in Braavos.

Abeni Afolayan

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