Aragorn Varden

(Lukasjak-Essos RP)


Aragorn stands at 6’2" tall and has dark hair and blue eyes with a scar running down his left eye luckly he was healed in time to salvage his vision having a lean built that is focused more on agility rather than brute strength
Aragorn is aware of his good looks and uses them along with smiles and compliments to hide is true self giving the impression of only caring about pleasure to those who meet him, although he loves any form of pleasure, they are just a mask to hide his caring personality, that he only shows around those he cares deeply for, he is a rather relaxed person who does not care about rejection or what people think of him, He often hides his emotional and phisical discomfort behind laughs and jokes to try and not worry those he cares about .Aragorn is a man who does not stand any kind of injustice inflicted upon innocents and will do anything in his power to help those in need.


He was born in Pentos to a whore who died giving birth to him not knowing who is father he stayed in the whorehouse being taught everything in terms of pleasure from a young age, at the time of his sixteenth nameday he met a girl who he fell in love with, her father not approving of the romance order aragorns death the girl discovered and offered her life in return of aragorn’s freedom, the father accepted and sold the girl as a slave to a band of mercenaries but that was not enough for the vile man he ordered his man to pick aragorn up and kill all those he held dear infront of his very eyes and then bring him to him, after the deed was done aragorn was presented to the vile man looking towards the boy he only saw emptiness in his eyes thinking it wasn’t enough he brought aragorn to the mercenaries we’re camped and showed him what they had been doing to his former daughter. Seeing the attrocities aragorn lost himself in maddness driven by his guilty of being alive killing two of the man’s guards in his rage and running away from pentos in the proces…..After some months running away and being tormented by his guilt, he was found by a man who taught him how to fight and how to hide is true self behind a mask and so aragorn trained for four years under the guidance of his master to exact revenge on the family who broke him…Near the end of his training the man he came to love as a father died in his arms due to na ilness he carried, but in his final moments the man told aragorn his last name was Varden and he would be honored if Aragorn would use it.
Now having a last name and training aragorn traveled to pentos to exact his revenge…..After weeks of searching and planning he finally had his chance and he took it…Killing everyone related to the vile man, after the house the man lived was painted in red he traveled in search of the mercenaries to kill them too and hopefully save his former love….A year of search finally paid off he found the mercenaries and kill them gaining the scar on his face after a long and hard fight against the líder of the group releasing all of the slaves he discovered the girl he loved was dead and broke down again for being too late to save her…After digging a grave for the body he returned to his travels meeting isabella a long lost childhood friend and getting to know her husband who offered him work…..He worked for him for 2 mor years until he discovered his employer and his associates were slavers and discovering he abused his friend, Aragorn set out to kill them all gaining control of the shipment company and giving it to isabella knowing she would do what was best for it…Leaving her he started his travels around essos again receiving letters from isabella whenever she needed a favor….He traveled for two more years finally arriving at bravoos and staying there for the time being.

Aragorn Varden

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