Jared Dayne

Beware_Werewolf NPC


Jared stands at 6’4" with a lean, athletic build from many years of training. Like most Dayne’s he carries the purple valyrian eyes, though his skin is slightly dark due to hours in the sun, which has also sun-bleached his black hair. His voice carries a slight mixed accent of the Martells and Daynes, because of his squireship to the Martells. He is chivalrous and honourable, like Knights should be.


The second child of Lord Dayne of Starfall, Jared was groomed to be a Knight from the time he could walk, though hopes seemed dashed when he proved weak and unable to pick up the skills of sword fighting, this lead to other children and squires mocking him on his ability and appearance, he was a scrawny kid, with a rattish face.

Jared spent years training to prove those children wrong. It wasn’t until after the Reaving when finally began to show a hidden skill, easily defeating anyone who sparred him, his appearance also began to change, losing the child hood features, and growing into a very attractive man, earning many offers from Lords to marry their daughters, though he had politely refused them all to focus of his training, he was Knighted two years ago, and was given Dawn, the ancestral sword of House Dayne,

Jared Dayne

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