Joon Han



Joon is 6’3" and from the Golden Empire of Yi-Ti. He has an athletic and lean build. He is 25 years old. His hair is black and he has bright eyes.

Joon is charismatic and friendly. He spends a lot of time in his room with various partners of both sexes. If someone is ever looking for him, the four places to look would be his regular room at The Huge Ranger (a nicer brothel around Ragman’s Harbor), his room at The Happy Eel Inn (a popular inn around Ragman’s Harbor for travelers that are planning to stay a while), at The Hanged Man (a popular pirate tavern), or his cabin on his ship, The Golden Basilisk.*

*Joon’s ship is modeled after the Chinese junk ships. It is painted black and has jade green sails. A golden basilisk is painted on each side of the bow.


Joon Han is a bastard born of the azure emperor Bu Gai, currently seated at Yin. After a night with whores from a brothel in Yin, Joon’s mother became pregnant with the child of one of the claimants for the title of “God-emperor.” She gave birth to the child in secret before dumping him on the steps of an orphanage. Joon’s given name at birth was An Li but after finding out who his mother was at the age of twelve and hearing her story, he changed it, wanting no part of her or her story.

Joon grew up in an orphanage though spent most of his time on the streets fighting other street boys for money, jobs, food, or just to fight them. He was almost always in trouble. Finally, around the age of twelve, one of the women in orphanage sat him down and asked him why he got into so many fights. Joon didn’t have a real answer for her other than the fact that he only got attention when he got into trouble. That led to a long conversation that ended with her telling him who and where his mother was.

Joon rushed out to find his mother and when he did, he was greatly disappointed. She had no love for him and cursed his birth. She had fallen out of Bu Gai’s good graces after Joon’s birth and had become nothing more than a common whore. Joon, distraught from his mother’s rejection, ran from the brothel and returned to the orphanage. He gathered what little he had and left for the harbor.

Joon started out as a cabin boy for a merchant captain. However, when the merchant ship was ambushed by pirates, he shifted loyalties to the pirate captain he served. Over the years, Joon worked hard and eventually rose up to the level of first mate and then to Quartermaster. During a fight with another pirate ship in Joon’s eighteenth year, the pirate captain’s life was lost and Joon ascended to the rank of captain.

A year later, Joon met Asher Martell in Lotus Port. The two became fast friends and even bed mates for a time. However, after a few short months, the pair parted ways. Joon continued his pirating adventures before eventually ending up in Braavos. It was there he discovered Asher had started to make a home for himself. Every time Joon left for an adventure, he would eventually return to Braavos.

Joon has a regular room both at a brothel and an inn. When he isn’t visiting with Asher, he can be found at either the brothel, the inn, his usual tavern haunt, or his ship. It’s strongly suggested that the inn and brothel be checked first.

Joon Han

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