Misumi Chai



Misumi stands at 5’8" and is from the strange city of Carcosa in Yi-Ti. She is a petite woman though she is moderately buxomed, with a slender waist and long legs. Like most women from Yi-Ti she is dark haired and dark eyed.

Misumi is a polite women who would easily put others before herself and does her best to fulfil any needs, though this usually makes her come off as a pushover. She spends most of her time going between Brothels for work, though if not in a Brothel she is usually found by the harbour’s edge, or in the Markets.


The youngest child of the Sorcerer Xing Chai the 69th Yellow Emperor of Yi-Ti, born in 283 AL, Misami boasts all the graces of a Princess from her polite behaviour to her perfect porcelain skin..

Like all of the Sorcerer Chai’s children she was born with magic in her blood. While her siblings could manipulate material objects or raise the dead, Misami was far different, most of her abilities came from skin contact, either heightening the senses of whoever touched her, and healing them in the process or draining life and energy from them, healing herself. Her other ability, albeit, a minor one, was Illusion, though rarely ever used.

Misumi grew up in Carcosa, but also spent many of her younger years in Yin because of her father’s claimant that he was in fact the God-Emperor, not Bu Gai. Her father’s obsession, tyrannical behaviour and selfishness distanced her from him, and her siblings who grew to support Xing.

When she turned eighteen, Misumi left Carcosa stowed away on a merchant’s ship, it was there she learned to speak the many forms of Valyrian, and it was in the many ports she visited that she learned the Common Tongue, Braavosi, the native tongue of the Summer Islander, and bits of Dothraki and Asshai.
It didn’t take long for her father to put a bounty on her head, though it started off with twenty gold pieces, it has grown steadily to six-hundred gold pieces and expected to get higher with every passing week.

Misumi now hides away in Braavos, far from Yi-Ti, but as the bounty gets higher, the word will spread quickly over the continent.

Misumi Chai

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