Myranda Sand



Cassandra Argaad – Deceased
Beautiful, elegant and untrustworthy, the usual description of a Braavosi Courtesan.
Average height with long blonde hair, usually pulled into intricate braids and heterochromia eyes, one being blue and the other a vivid green. Her age is unknown, due to being able to change her face though one would assume she is in her early twenties.

Fond of fashion, and showy dresses, Cassandra is usually seen in bright, jewelled and usually revealing dresses with assorted jewellery.

Alessia Fortier
Noble in features with blazing red hair, uncommon in the Essosi lands, Alessia Fortier stands out in the crowds. Upon closer inspection, her uncommon features continue, with one purple eye and one dark blue. Her valyrian features continue with her pale skin, and high cheekbones.
Comfortable in trousers as she is in dresses and skirts, she dresses in a range of flashy dresses, or corsets tops and leather breeches, usually with a red cloak with the lion and rapiers of Fortier thrown over one shoulder. Fortier Banner, embroided on all her cloaks
Alessia carries herself with confidence, and high esteem, rarely showing fear or panic, especially when doing business. Always seen with two rapiers at her hips, and two daggers carried in the back sheaths.

Myranda Sand

Strong Dornish features with dark skin, and dark hair, her odd coloured eyes continue though in a more subtle way, with one hazel and one brown. Usually seen with some sort of leopard print of House Santagar. She’s smug and most of the time overly cocky, usually out looking for trouble. She shows little shame in what she does, and tends to push the boundaries of socially acceptable clothing.

Skilled with unorthodox weapons, such as ring blades, sickles, scythes and stilettos.


Not much is known of her early life, her first childhood memories are of the House of Black and White, the famous home of the Faceless Men. Her training there was gruelling and difficult, and took years to master. Finally, in her late teenage years, she successfully completed her training and was initiated into the Faceless Men. She has taken many of lives since, claiming faces as she goes.

Nowadays, she uses her disguise as a high priced Courtesan for the rich and famous as Braavos to learn the in’s and out’s of the city on a daily basis. Her profession has made her wealthy, able to afford a large house over looking the main river in the city, along with her own barge and servants and has earned her the name The Mockingbird, due to her copying the dress styles of other Courtesans such as the Black Pearl, The Merling Lady, the Nightingale and Poetess.

She has recently been helping a man who goes by the name of Count, who is part of a Mercenary Company get into the Iron Bank, while also trying to find out more about the man and his company. She has a fondness for teasing and annoying him, trying to get him to lighten up a little, as she believes he is far too serious and moody.
Since the death of Hart, a member of the Crimson Legion, Count has been staying in Cassandra’s house.

She has recently met a runaway Martell called Asher, a cousin to the Princess of Dorne and known as the Serpent of the Sea for his piracy. Intrigued by the castaway Martell, Cassandra has paid a visit to her contacts to learn more about the man and his family, along with news from Westeros and especially Dorne.

After a falling out with Yanna over her opinion of Aragorn, believing him to be vile and manipulative, emotionally abusing him. Frustrated over Yanna still going back to him, she ranted to Asher, wishing she could just start a new, sick and tired of trying to be this happy and bubbly courtesan, while she was angry and pissed off most of the time. She made the decision to be done with Cassandra Argaad then and there. The next morning a body of a young girl who resembled Cassandra was found mauled and dumped in the canal, half her face nearly torn off, and one of her eyes missing. The crossed rapiers of Fortier cut into her back. Cassandra, now called Alessia Fortier, sat on a ship just outside the city. Choosing to pose as a Fortier, a powerful family that once had control over nearly all the docks and businesses in Braavos and owned the manse she lived in before they left for Pentos, to obtain a trade network there. Now, she poses as Alessia, the daughter of the Fortiers of Braavos, returning to claim her inheritance.

Myranda Sand

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