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Odessa Martell is a tall, beautiful young woman aged to the fine year of twenty-three. She is of an olive complexion. Her hair is long and as dark as a raven’s wing, her eyes a dark brown that shine like stars when pleased. Her lips are pink and full. She is of slender form with youthful beauty. She usually wears pale yellow garments, rust colored garments, and other earthy tones. She’s not fond of purple.

Odessa is intelligent and quick witted. She enjoys singing and fighting. She is also fond of dancing. She is also rather cunning. She hates the Lannisters and is quick to reject anyone that is a known associate of the Lannisters. She is also quick to anger. Another thing she can’t stand is when others talk down to her and/or assume that she appreciates kisses to her hand as a greeting.


Lord Gareth Swann

Odessa’s husband. He stands at about 6’1" and keeps his dark hair around his shoulders, though usually pulled back and out of the way. His eyes are blue and keeps a fairly formed beard. He is often very serious in public and hardly cracks a smile, though around smaller crowds, he is kinder and shows a gentler touch. He is an honest man, though not in a brutal fashion. He is stern with his honesty, though gentle enough to refrain from bringing insult. He is an honorable man, family oriented, and puts a great deal of import on legacy. He is a religious man, though not so much that he preaches of the gods. He finds Odessa fiery and passionate and is not easily intimidated by her. He appreciates that she is also not easily intimidated by him. He has moved to Dorne to live with her and he and Odessa have two children and most likely a third, soon. However, happiness and romance have dwindled between them. Gareth tries his hardest to please Odessa, though to no avail. They have also adopted two children.

Lord Gareth Swann is fourth in line to his father, Lord Gulian Swann. He is also five years Odessa’s senior.

Elayne Storm

Elayne is a girl of eight years. She is very happy and very bubbly and always eager to play and have fun. She likes to dance and sing. She also enjoys swimming and telling Odessa about her day.

Yoshio Storm

Yoshio is a boy of eleven. He takes great joy in learning to fight. Odessa employed an exiled YiTish soldier to teach Yoshio the ways of his people and to fight like his people, though Yoshio also tries to learn Dornish ways to fight as well. Yoshio has dreams of becoming a soldier that will make his adopted parents proud. He also enjoys reading, swimming, and learning to ride horses.

Marco Martell

Odessa’s and Gareth’s firstborn. He is a boy at the age of three. He’s very quiet and kind and likes to keep to himself.

Celia Martell

An infant at the age of year old. She so far seems to be a very happy child.


Odessa Martell was born two minutes before her twin brother and three years after her older brother. As a child, she was very shy and easily frightened. She kept to herself a great deal, rarely leaving the side of one brother or the other. She was taught to dance and to sing at a young age, as well as other “ladylike” things. However, when her older brother left not long after her eighth birthday, she took up training in a different set of skills.

Oberyn Martell was Odessa’s idol. After her eighth birthday, she took up a study of poisons and fighting. She practiced and studied for hours on end, refusing to do much else. And around the age of thirteen, she started practicing in the arts of assassination. She learned from a Braavosi faceless man. By the time she was eighteen, she’d mastered poisons and spear fighting but continued her assassin training. However, she doesn’t tell others she practices assassination techniques and keeps it a closely guarded secret.

Odessa and her twin were kept far from Dorne during the battles, their father refusing to risk the lives of his heirs. So during the battles, the pair were made to live in Braavos. Only once it was all over were they allowed to return to Dorne, much to Odessa’s displeasure. She still holds a grudge against all those she believed wronged her family.

Being the older twin, Odessa became the rightful heir to her father’s lands and titles. After named the official heir, her father sent her and her twin brother, Oliven Martell, to King’s Landing to find suitors for preferably both of them.

Due to her training and times in both Sunspear and Braavos, she has connections to assassin rings, black market traders, and other somewhat nefarious connections.

A little into her personal life

Odessa grew up having many of the same friends as her brother, despite being more antisocial than her twin. Though she was closer to the servant boys than any of Oliven’s other friends, considering she spent most of her days indoors. She encouraged the ones that aimed for positions as squire boys to pursue such ventures and even helped a few achieve their goals. But one boy in particular refused to leave the home of the Martell twins no matter how many times Odessa urged him to pursue his want to be a squire. It was later revealed to her that he had hopes to stay by her side, even after she was married off one day out of his love for her.

In their teenage years, Odessa had pursued a secret love with the servant boy, only for her father to find out and have him sent to be a knight’s squire after all. When the Reaving came about, Odessa and Oliven were sent away, Odessa not having heard from the servant-turned-squire in several months. It wasn’t until after the Reaving and the knight returned that he gave her the love letters her father had sent back and lastly, the good-bye letter he’d written knowing he wouldn’t survive the battle.

This, along with all of her other losses, crippled her and sent her into a spiraling depression and rage. It was during this time that she did a great deal of training and also retreated further within herself to avoid friendship and love at all costs.

Things she doesn’t like to talk about

On the ship to Braavos, Odessa was drugged and raped. She killed the man that had hurt her and told no one about the incident. However, it turns out that she had been impregnated and didn’t know until she’d had the miscarriage during a training session. She only told Oliven about the pregnancy. It was rather detrimental psychologically. While she was still holding onto the Martell grudge against the Lannisters, her grudge became even stronger. Her situation wasn’t exactly the same but she understood the pain of rape and the loss of a child.

Odessa Martell

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