How to Create a Character Page


If you’ve roleplayed with us for a while now, then you’ve been invited to join our campaign here on obsidiaportal. With this comes the ability to create your own character page. So that the wiki remains as organized as possible and our GMs can focus on adding new content instead of just doing maintenance work, we ask that you follow some simple directives when doing this.

If you haven’t been invited yet, don’t worry! Simply join us on Kongregate for some roleplay! After a few days, if you’re there to stay, you’ll be able to join.


WARNING: A few notes before you begin. Character pages are the responsibility of their authors. It is their job to update and maintain them, and they will be expected to do so. Additionally, pages for characters who have not had any significant impact on the story will be deleted without warning after a long period of inactivity.



On your character creation page, you’ll find several different things. Here’s a general guide on what you should have on each one:

Character Name: As indicated, this is where your character’s name should go. Avoid titles such as Lord this, or Maester that, or any other kind of details. Write simply your character’s name.

Tags: Tags are added by the GMs and meant to indicate the character’s current status (MIA, Deceased, Departed, etc). Do not add any tags. If your character is active at the moment, you should not need them.

Slug: The slug is a reference used to link to the character page. If you input your character name correctly, as indicated in this explanation, you should not have to worry about it. Leave it blank, it will be automatically created.

Player Character?: Don’t forget to check this box.

Quick Description: Don’t worry about a description, there will be plenty of room and time for that later. Here, you should write your username on Kongregate between parentheses, so that new people can associate the character with the player. Again, try not to add any details other than this. Merely the player name in parentheses.

Description: Here you can write a physical and psychological description of your character. What do they look like? How do they think? Be careful not to mix it with the following section, the Biography. This is meant for a description of the person your character is now, not the story of their life.

Biography: Here you can write your character’s backstory. It can be as detailed as you want it to be, spanning from their childhood until the present or merely indicating a few things. A character’s background is an important part of the RP and you may not want to divulge everything just yet. Keeping secrets often makes things more fun.

Note: Please remember to link to characters/items that you mention. You do not need to do this constantly. One link per reference in the same page is enough – if you have already linked to your sword’s page, for example, you do not need to do it again next time it is brought up. Additionally, please underline the link for better visibility.

Items: Items are a different page, separate from the character page. We ask that you place all of one character’s items on the same page, titled (Character Name)’s Items, to avoid cluttering.


And that’s it! It is, as you can see, very simple to create your character page, and if you simply follow these simple instructions, it will give the GMs more time to add new things to the wiki instead of constantly fixing the character page, and we can all have a better RP.

Good luck with your creations!


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