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Welcome to the Chatzy GoT RP wiki. In here, we’ll try to offer a brief explanation of how the RP works, as well as various tips and advice about roleplay in general. If you haven’t already, visit this page to find brief, simple instructions on how to get started.


RP Mechanics

This section offers explanations on several different mechanics of the RP, such as IC and OOC or Combat, as well as how certain aspects of ASOIAF work during play, such as the monetary system and travel distances. It is recommended to take a look at it, for the information present may help avoid severe inconsistencies, which are not usually well received by other players.



In here you’ll find several useful tips and suggestions offered by other players on how to improve your roleplaying and adjust it to the particular type being played in Room 2. If you need help on creating a character, gauging abilities or making up the backstory, this is the section for you.



The RP has been going on for sometime, and as such, there is already a lot of background and backstory different from the ASOIAF books or the HBO show. The Newbie Primer is a great place to start, offering basic knowledge of what is going on and who the most relevant characters in this setting are.

For more detailed information about the characters, visit the Character Page, where you will be able to find the descriptions and stories of the characters as written by their respective players themselves. The Items section details the most important items in the story, such as Valyrian steel blades.

Pages that don’t fit into any of the categories above, usually just for shits and giggles, can be found in Other.

Finally, the Conversation Logs contain some of our players’ favorite moments in chat, both in character and out of character. Feel free to read through some of them and get a better feeling of how things work.


Useful links

ASOIAF Map – A speculative but detailed map of Westeros that most of the players use.
ASOIAF Wiki – The wiki of A Song Of Ice And Fire, useful for researching the Universe created by George R. R. Martin.
Azalea’s Dolls – GoT – A flash character maker that can provide a useful rendition of your character.
Azalea’s Dolls – LotR – Another character creator. While not partaining to the ASOIAF universe, it provides additional options that are not available in the previous one.
Sigil Creator – An official HBO Game of Thrones sigil creator.
Fancast – A fancast, a list of the actors who would ideally portray each character in the RP. – A website with a lot of useful information and great tips about roleplaying and writing in general. Highly recommended.

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