Rule 1: Respect the other players.

Note that this doesn’t mean other CHARACTERS. – However, despite your feelings towards any particular character, always be polite to the person writing it. Remember that a character’s opinions or actions do not necessary reflect those of the player. Insults and other disrespectful behavior are uncalled for. This is the first rule for a reason. Failure to follow it will result in immediate expulsion. No excuses are accepted, no exceptions are made. And expect to be paid back in kind.

Rule 2: No explicit sexual content in public chat.

- Listen, we don’t care what you do in whispers or PMs. We really don’t. Just, please, make sure it doesn’t leak to public chat. Remember that we usually RP in open chatrooms which are extremely likely to contain young children. Even our group has some younger members. Let’s avoid this kind of situations.

Rule 3: Try to tie your character up to the ongoing plot.

- Random characters with completely unrelated plotlines, mentioning tons of never-before heard names of people and places tend to confuse everyone with unnecessary information and draw us away from the established storyline. Instead of just bursting into the Red Keep hollering that you “bring dire news”, think of a more original, more realistic way of introducing your character, and perhaps relate it to existing events or characters. Maybe you and someone else could have an existing foe in common? Maybe you heard of some war effort and decided to offer your help?

Rule 4: Avoid book characters.

- Despite the fact that the events in this RP take place after the ones described in most of the books, we try to avoid mentioning book characters to keep away from spoilers or contradicting canon information. It is strictly forbidden to play an existent character from the books or TV show. Playing a character related to one who appears in the books or TV show requires the approval of the community.


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